Q: How many images will be available for viewing?
A: On average our clients have about 75 different photographs to choose from and consistently have anywhere from 20-30 "favorites” that they would like printed, framed, or in an album.

Q: Do you offer a collection of the digital images from the session?
A: Yes, our digitals are priced accordingly. Since digitals are so versatile and come with an unlimited print release, our edited digital collection for making as many prints up to an 8x10 that you'd like is 650 with the purchase of any product. If you're solely looking for just digitals and an online gallery, the price qould be $850. During your Premiere you'll have the opportunity to order your choice of framed prints, canvases, wall art, and albums – everything you order comes with digital copies. Clients who want a large collection of digitals often opt for our heirloom albums as you get both a tangible heirloom quality album and digital files for printing.

Q: I'd like to have a family session, but my kids and husband hate having their picture taken. What do I do?
A: Totally understandable! If you head over to our Yelp page you’ll find that parents just like you had this same concern and it washed away once the session began. We have a way of making the sessions more enjoyable, and less of the "sit here, tilt your head, and smile" type of thing. While we'll certainly give you direction and suggest where the light is best, the goal of the session is to document authentic emotion, and connection between you and your loved ones.
When you reserve your session date you'll receive our exclusive session guide that will help you navigate the waters of what to wear, and how to make the session enjoyable. If you have specific concerns, we'd love to chat about them with you in person, or over the phone.

Q: What do I wear?
A: We will send you our exclusive Session Guide which includes details on how to pair the perfect outfit for your portraits, as well as visual examples. The Session Guide is sent to you via e-mail upon reserving your date.

Q: When do I order my prints?
A: Images are typically ready for viewing within 1 week of your session.. The Premiere is when you and your family arrive to our studio to see the images on the big screen. From there you'll be able to narrow it down to your favorite images and choose if you'd like your favorites in an album, or on the walls of your home.

Q: Do you frame my prints?
A: Yes. Since we are a Full Service Studio we believe in delivering the finish product. All prints and canvases come with a framed and ready to hang. We're even more than happy to hang your portraits for you. Custom frames, glass, and mats are available as well.

Q: What's a Premiere? 
A: This is the time you and your family gather at our studio to view the images from your session for the first time. We'll have drinks, and treats available while you enjoy watching a custom slideshow of your session on the big screen with your family. From there we'll have framed prints, canvases, and albums on display so you can choose how you'd best like to enjoy your portraits throughout the year, and preserve your photographs for generations to come.

Q: Will you hang my portraits for me? 
A: Yes, any framed portraits you order through Kincannon Photography will have the option of our delivery and installation service.


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