My goal is to create a portrait experience that allows you and your family to truly enjoy your portrait session experience from the minute you reserve your spot all the way through enjoying the final framed pieces displayed in your home.

 I know how hard it can be to get ready for a portrait session, so upon booking I provide a session guide with wardrobe advice for the entire family, saving you the stress of trying to coordinate outfits on your own. In your guide will also be hair and make-up inspiration as well as tips to help your little ones and dad get excited for the session.

Our sessions are far from the "sit here and tilt your head". While I'll certainly guide you where the lighting is best, as your photographer it is to goal to capture those sweet candid moments that fill your heart with joy such as that boisture laugh from a joke your kids make, the sweet little snugs your little one gives, or the way your husband and you look at you with deep gratitude and love. 

you do so much taking care of your family. let us take care of you.


I make sure you have a way to preserve your images to enjoy long term, so after your session we'll set up an Ordering Appointment to view your images.

We'll bring the images and products to you, so you and your spouse can sit down, relax in the comfort of your own home, snack on some goodies, watch a slideshow of your session, and finalize your order for albums, canvases, and wall galleries for your home, This appointment may be done virtually for any families out of state. We even have this amazing software that allows us to take a photograph of a wall(s) in your home and drag and drop images from your session on your walls, so you can see the images and sizes on your walls before you ever place an order.

your images


We'll deliver your portrait right to your home. 
Prefer us to hang them for you? We do that too.

delivery + installation

we deliver

Ready to book?

Our price list is completely a' la carte. This way you're not stuck in a package. At your appointment you'll only order the images and products you love. Pricing begins at $250 for a matted portrait, $595 for a framed portrait, and albums are priced beginning at $39 per image.

Do you have packages?

Yes, every image you order comes as a digital copy sized for sharing online AND in your choice of an album, framed piece, or as a print. For example, if you order 10 images in your album, you'll have those digital images also as a digital copy for sharing online, or sending to family and friends via email.

Do you offer digital files?

Our turn around times are usually within 1-3 days. If you let us know ahead of time that you'd like to see your images sooner than later, we can do a complimentary expedited service and have your image available for viewing within 24 hours or same day. If this is a service you need, please let us know prior to booking your session.

We're traveling in from out of state, how quick could we see the images?

Our portrait sessions are separate from prints, products and images. Since there is no fee for a session, you only pay for the images you love. This is what allows you to only invest in the images you love. and not any images you don't. You don't pay for any images, until you've had a chance to view them after your session.

Are any digitals, prints, or products included with my session?

Our portrait sessions are complimentary. There is no fee for the session, however there is a reservation fee of $200 which goes goes towards your order of any framed portraits or albums. The reason there is a reservation fee, is because in the past when we haven't required a reservation fee to hold a date, clients have not shown. Since we only take one client per day, we no require a reservation fee to ensure clients show for their appointment.

How much is a session with Kincannon Photography?

"Every once in a while you come across someone that gives their heart and soul into what they do and consistently gives more than they are paid...this is one of those." - Dr. Janeshak

dr. janeshak family


"Kincannon photography captured our proposal, engagement, and wedding photos. They all turned out absolutely stunning. I am so glad and grateful that we trusted Brittney and Jeremiah to capture these important moments for us! Thank you Kincannon Photography!"

Jacob and Sara


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