When I was about 7, I lost my only sister in a tragic car accident. After the loss of my sister I realized I didn't have a single photograph of her and I,. As I got older I began my journey photographing the people I love (all the time) in out of fear that I wouldn't have a recent photograph if I lost someone again.

In 2010, when I lost my uncle to suicide and I remember clinging to the tangible photograph of him and I. It was in that moment that I realized how much peace that single photograph brought me in my time of grieving.  

Within 5 month of losing him, I started Kincannon Photography and made it my mission to fill other peoples homes with tangible photographs of them with their family.

brittney's story

If your hard drive crashes will you be left without a picture of you and your family?

When I was younger my sister had died in a car crash.. I looked for a photograph of her and I, and couldn't find one. From that point on I decided to document me with the people I love which led me to having a photograph of my uncle and I that I'll cherish forever.

After the loss of my uncle, Kincannon Photography was born and I made it my mission to offer families tangible photographs such as: Framed Canvases, Custom Designed Albums, and Beautiful Prints that they'll be able to cherish for a lifetime and share with their grandkids. With technology always changing I just don't believe digitals are the best way to preserve your photographs long term. Let me show you how wonderful it is to walk into your living room and see that jaw-dropping canvas of you and your loving family hanging on the wall of your home. 

i believe that your memories deserve more

kincannon's Philosophy

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