After not having a photograph of my sister and I after she had passed away in a car accident, I began my love and obsession for documenting the people I loved. Years later after the loss of my uncle, I remember clinging to the photograph of him and I. It was the last photo we took together. I remember how much peace that photograph brought me in my time of grieving. That's when I graduated with my college degree and Kincannon Portraits began. 

-Brittney Kincannon

How it began

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The Kincannons

Brittney and Jeremiah met in 2008. Over their love for coffee bean, snowboarding, and all things spontaneous they developed a quick friendship. Since then they've lived life together, got married, have grown a family, served with the high school and junior high ministry at Saddleback Church, and started their own portrait business, Kincannon Photography.