Kincannon Photography is an 
Award Winning Photography Studio specializing in capturing memories while offering you a way to turn them into tangible portraits. 

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..because your photographs weren't meant to solely live on a usb drive... aka, last generations floppy disc.




Personalized Experience
Once you've reserved your date you'll get a digital session guide, so you know exactly what to wear and where to have your portraits taken.

Once you've seen your images and our products at your in-person ordering appointment, let us know if you'd like to enjoy your images in an album to hand down to the kids, or as a framed canvas to grace the walls of your home.  

We use acid-free mats, a beautiful matte finish for all prints, canvases, and albums, as well as anti-glare glass, and uv protection, so your photographs stay in tact color-wise and quality-wise over the years for future generations. 

With our delivery and installation service there's no need to worry over who will be hanging your pictures. We'll take care of it for you.



In a culture where everything is digital we forget what a true treasure tangible portraits are. 
Our culture invests money on temporary items like iPhones, luxury cars, and high-end purses or shoes, yet we somehow forget that quality photographs are just as important as other quality products.

While other purchases depreciate over time or need to be replaced, photographs appreciate in value, and are enjoyed by the future generations. 

While we all love nice things, our goal is to not forget how important tangible portraits are. After all, when your little one goes off to college, are you really going to want to scroll back 10-15 years through Facebook to find photographs? Will you have the same hard drive/computer with all your pictures in tact? (I know I won't)
We're here to photograph your memories and turn those into tangible portraits for you to enjoy now, and 10 years from now.



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"Every once in a while you come across someone that gives their heart and soul into what they do and consistently gives more than they are paid...this is one of those." - Dr. Janeshak

janeshak family


"Kincannon photography captured our proposal, engagement, and wedding photos. They all turned out absolutely stunning. I am so glad and grateful that we trusted Brittney and Jeremiah to capture these important moments for us! Thank you Kincannon Photography!"

Jacob and Sara


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